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New method for capillary of water heater and condenser maintenance!

YAMAGUCHI MACHINERY accepts and performs leak test of capillary.

If you use this product, capillary's duration is permanent - which's been tested and certified already.


To use this product, it could be reasonable to cut your cost down compared with the former method by welding.

Besides, around of capillary could be kept better condition than the former welding method with coincidental risk of getting cracks on the plate / capillary.

It is very difficult to find out suspicious capillary of being leaking from the plenty of capillary. 


Plus, this products help you out for low cost by performing timely maintenance while the leakage condition is not so serious which equals to be able to avoid getting sudden, big trouble with the system.



Thus we profoundly recommend to take the capillary check to each companies of needing the regular maintenance for capillary's check.

In October 2008, 20 YAMAGUCHI MACHINARY workers have qualified the technical work authorization pass to perform this product related. Besides, YAMAGUCHI MACHINERY finally obtained conclusion to contract to the Expansion Seal Technologies (EST) in the US and HORIGUCHI ENGINEERING as EST's sales agency in Japan for transaction of the products.

Obtained conclusion contracted for its producting and handling in Chugoku, Shikoku, and Kyushu area in Japan.

Capillary Plug Method

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