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Our pride is “TRUST”, we have established a high degree of trust with customers by providing prompt action since 1989.


To establish a high degree of trust, each of our employees has been stepping up efforts, and we provide the best solutions and performance in anticipation of the customer’s future, rather than providing merely prompt and inexpensive techniques.


Development of our employees, enhances development of Yamaguchi Machinery. We think we need to keep taking on a challenge in the future, to keep developing our passion and to apply it properly for our customers.


Our Works

・Overhaul of diesel engine and diesel generator

・Overhaul of loading equipment (cranes, boatdavits, rampways ) 

・Overhaul of various valves (U/W valves, steam valves, and

   control valves, etc.)

・Overhaul and install of various pumps (hydraulic pumps, pumps

   for high pressure fluids, etc.)

・Regular inspections of boilers 

・Repair and installation of deck planking

・Maintenance of freezers and refrigerators

・Plant construction



Welcome to our work shop! 


Humans have relied upon the mechanical support provided by machines since the beginning of civilization. Yet, like humans, machine degrade and deteriorate over time and eventually become irrevocably damaged if not well-maintained.

Our mission is to revive and breathe life back into degraded machinery. It is our utmost pleasure to do so using the skill and craftsmanship of our workers, which we aim to increase every day.

Some would say that machines do not possess character, however, we would argue that they do, just like humans. It is possible, by performing maintenance and repair work with passion and skill, to renew damaged, deterriorated and malfunctioning machinery. We incorporate this spirit of excellence into our working policy and will continue to do so.

Yoichiro Yamaguchi




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  • Located about 10 minutes by car from JR Sasebo station.

  • Located about 10 minutes by car from Sasebo Daito and Minato Interchanges.

  • Located at Sasebo City Bus stop "Okishin".

Head Office: 28-8 Okishin-machi Sasebo

Nagasaki 857-1171 Japan

Mail: machinery@nyc.odn.ne.jp

Phone: +81-956-20-1203

Fax: +81-956-20-1204

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